Stock, Inventory, Bill Management Software

  • Manage, Track your Inventory - from the Cloud:
  • Free software
  • No instalation required, simple & intuitive , easy to learn, free training on demand.
  • No limitations, Multi location, Multi user, Multiple stores.
  • Easily Customizable, Integrate with Tally.
  • Also you can get any feature on demand.
  • Get complete Control on stock.
  • Can track orders, deliveries, sale, purchases, payments and fulfilment

Features :

  • The software is very fast.
  • No need for installation.
  • No need for taking care of the Data as it exists on a robust server.
  • Available anywhere you go, as it can be accessed on the internet.
  • It is multi User: Many user can access data at a time.
  • It is multi Location: Data entered at one place can be seen at a remote place immediately.

Demo Video :

  • Will be available shortly.

Demo Login :

  • If you want to use the software but do not want to reveal your Id.
  • Click here to login as demo.
  • Demo Login

  • or
    You can use the following User Id and password.
  • Email Address:
  • Password: demo

Premium Version :

  • Supervisor can approve the data entered by an operator
  • More than 9 users can be created under one company.

HelpDesk :

  • You can Email:
  • You can Call or SMS: +91-9814695703.
  • You can Watts App: +91-9814695703.
When I tried to manage my stock, I faced a few difficulties,
  • The primary difficulty was none of the socks management software available were easy to setup.
  • They had a long long list of settings that had to be made before they could be used the first time .
  • Then all of these stock management soft wares were difficult to learn.
  • Also I faced another requirement that is I can't have done all the entries by myself before I needed a interface where in one of my assistance could do the entries and in my free time I could approve or improve the work done by them.
  • I even tried Excel but there was a problem that whatever entries were there in that file were available for modification to my assistants so they could have by mistake modified any of the entries. I wanted that my assistant should not be able to modify all the entries that have been approved by me.
For this purpose we developed a Small application for my own use which later on develop into a full fledged software and we made it available to all of you for use free of cost. Please let us know if you have any suggestions regarding improvement of the software. Do Compare and rate us!.
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